Spets To Check Civil Id Status In Kuwait 2021

civil id status in kuwait 2021
how to check civil id status in kuwait 2021

Civil Id Status In Kuwait 2021 : Civil ID is an important aspect in any country. Its like an identity card that is given to the citizens. This citizen ID acts as an proof that you are the citizen of a particular country.

Recently a new identity card is also given to the people for the migrants as well. So if you have applied for a civil id in Kuwait, Then here is how you gonna check your ID status in the country of Kuwait.

Kuwait Country Details 2021

Kuwait is a wonderful country and very peaceful. For those who are staying in Kuwait and for those who want to go to Kuwait. The country needs an identity card, As in India. Aadhar Card is an identity card. In Kuwait Civil Id is an identity card. If you have applied for it, This is how you should check status of the Civil Id.

If you don’t have any Civil Id apply for it immediately because the government of Kuwait has given permission to the Police to arrest all those people who doesn’t have an ID Card and even if the card is expired, You have to renew it quickly. Other wise you will be behind the bars. So this is how you check the status of an ID Card.

Civil Id Status In Kuwait 2021 Online Check Process

There are three methods to check the status of Civil ID card and they are: Checking the status through Kuwait Website official, Voice Inquiry and Civil ID Kuwait App. Lets discuss about them in detail.

#1st Method Official Kuwait Website

Civil ID Status in Kuwait 2021
Civil ID Status in Kuwait 2021 online
  • By using your mobile or PC/Laptop.
  • Open the browser and visit Kuwait Government Official Portal
  • In the main page it displays “ Inquiring about civil Id Status.”
  • When you click on the civil id status option, The web page will be redirected to a new one.
  • This page contains a box with the name of Civil ID. You are given a number when you apply for this Civil ID.
  • Just Enter your Civil ID Number in the box.
  • After you enter the ID Number, Click on the Query Button.
  • Then it will display two results. If your Civil ID is valid and your documents are valid. Then the message will be ‘ You are Holding a Valid Visa”
  • If your ID is not valid, Then the message will be “According to our record you have not renew your ID.”

#2nd Method Voice Inquiry

This is the second method in checking your Civil ID Status through Voice Inquiry. This is what you need to do.

  • Dial 1990088 from your Mobile Phone.
  • Then a computer system will start talking to you.
  • You can also select your favorite language by dialing on the keypads.
  • Follow all the instructions given by the computer voice, The computer will mention about your civil ID status and if there are any other changes it will help you.

#3rd Method Kuwait through App

You can check the Civil ID Status through Kuwait Civil ID App. Just follow these instructions given below.

  • First go to the play store and install Kuwait Civil ID App.
  • After the installation is done, Open the app and it will lead you to a new dialogue box where you will see language selection page.
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Then click on the Civil ID Status, A New page will open in the app in which you will see Enter Civil ID Available.
  • Just Enter your Civil ID Number in the box and click on Query.
  • The results will show whether your documents are valid or not.
Civil ID Status in Kuwait App 2021
kuwait civil id app

Download Civil Id Status Check App :- Kuwait Mobile ID هويتي

For Registration you need to visit the head quarters at Zahara. They will give you complete information and procedure details there.

So these is how you check the Civil ID Status in Kuwait. It is quite easy and simple interface, It gives you better understand about the process and there will be no confusion at all.

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