Complete Details Of Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills 2021

Birth Control Pills 2021 : Birth control pill is also known as contraceptive pill used to prevent pregnancy. It is a type of birth control prepared to be consumed through the mouth by women. This pill consists of estrogen and progestogen. It changes a woman’s menstrual cycle and prevents a woman from getting pregnant.

It has become a quite popular pill to eliminate pregnancy. These pills were first approved in the US for preventing pregnancy in 1960. They are taken by over 100 million women across the world and 12 million women in the US alone. It is considered to be the second most contraception following female sterilization. It is recorded as one of the most significant medicines on WHOs medicines list. 

This birth control pill is an oral medicine to be taken regularly in order to stop women’s pregnancy. Users are prescribed the usage and dosage of pills. The pill consists of hormones (estrogen and progestogen) and is designed to take for 28 days.

Types of birth control pills

There are different types of birth control pills.

  1. Combination pills: These pills consist of estrogen and progestin hormones. These pills can be used for 27 days.
  2. Progestin-pills: These types of pills have progestin but no estrogen. Women who are frightened of any health issues or risks and who can’t take estrogen suggested taking this type of pill. 

The outcome of contraceptive or birth control pill

If the pills are used as prescribed precisely, then the expected risk of getting pregnant is a mere 0.3 % in a year.  There are several factors attributed to the ineffectiveness of pills like unawareness of users on usage of pills, mistakes of health care providers on offering instructions on the usage of the method.  For example, someone using a birth control pill is given inadequate information by a health provider regarding the frequency of pills, not taking pills on time, and more.

The effectiveness of oral pills seems to be the same even if active pills are taken regularly for lengthy periods of time or taken for 21 days as prescribed.

Risks of birth control or contraceptive pills

The WHO has published guidance on the safety of birth control in medical conditions. As the pill consists of estrogen and progestogen, a high dosage of estrogen enhances a persons’ blood clotting. People who are having breast cancer, uterine bleeding should not take it. Women who are pregnant are advised to not take pills.

Birth control pills side effects

  • It’s stated that the health issues of birth control pills are lower. 
  • There are certain things one must consider before taking pills.
  • Your breastfeeding
  • Menstrual signs
  • health condition of cardiovascular
  • any long term health issues
  • any medicines you might have taken

How does a contraceptive pill or birth control pill work?

The birth control pill prevents your ovaries from releasing an egg. Second thing is to thicken your cervical mucus. Thereby mucus fluid around the cervix prevents sperm from reaching the uterus. 

You must decide which type of pills work the best for you before you proceed to take contraceptive pills. Speak to your doctor about the type of pill that would work for you.

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