Corona Vaccination In India Update

corona vaccine india news
corona vaccine india news

Corona Vaccination In India update

Corona Vaccination:: 2020 has been a dreadful year for the whole world. Most of the biggest countries like India, US, UK and many other countries have seen a drastic fall in their economy because of just one thing that is Corona Virus. This virus has affected the whole world, and almost a full year the whole world remained in lockdown.

Especially in our country India, Many problems have risen up because of this virus. Many daily wage workers were jobless, Many people have lost their jobs. The economy of the country has drastically fell down. To get out from this crisis, The government has been releasing safety precautions every month and they are slowly opening things with safety measures. Finally after a lot of problems 2020 is over, But now everybody is expecting something good to happen in 2021. That good thing is Covid-19 Vaccine. Will it come out this year.

Even though many immunity boosters were recommended by the doctors. But the vaccine is something which keeps us at bay from the virus. It is estimated that the vaccine for the Covid-19 virus will be ready by early 2021. But the biggest challenge here is, This is a country of 1.3 billion people approximately. How will the vaccine be supplied to the whole country. India is the second largest country in terms of population and the virus curve isn’t declining at all.

The top priority to stop this virus is only by the vaccine itself. Many doctors, Pharmacists and others are trying their best to bring out the best vaccine into the market. They are still in the clinical trails and probably by the year ending we will know which vaccine will be available in the market. Till then it is recommended to keep yourself safe with mask and sanitizer all the time.

Right now, Many pharmacy companies are holding clinical trails on the vaccine for Coronavirus. The Serum Institute of India, Which is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer is hosting the trails for the vaccine from Oxford university. Dr. Reddy’s Lab who are the drug makers are conducting the human trails for Russian Vaccine.

Bharat Bio-Tech International are also in the clinical trails and last but not the least Zyus Cadila is in the process of getting approval for conducting the final human clinical traits for their vaccine.  We have to see which vaccine will be available for us. But the main problem here is the storage and delivery of the vaccine to every corner of the country. India doesn’t have experience of handling this kind of massive delivery plan of vaccine to the whole country.

They need a bigger infrastructure and mass immunity process across all the age groups. India has been relying on antigen tests and these antigens are more sensitive chain reactions. As of now Bharat Bio Tech has released the name of Covid-19 virus which is Covaxin, This vaccine is developed by Bharat Bio Tech in collaboration with Indian Council of Medical Research. The vaccine has been given approval by DCGI approval for phase 1 and 2 Human clinical trails as well. Now the phase 3 clinical trails in 26K participants across India.

So this is all about Covid-19 Virus and the vaccination process been held at different centers of India. Until the third phase of the clinical trails isn’t successful and the symptoms after giving the vaccine aren’t observed by the experts. The vaccine isn’t coming out into the market, Let’s hope that the vaccine process will be completed soon and hope everybody in this country gets this vaccine. Once this vaccine comes out, The lives will be back to normal. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to take precautions, The safety measures are quite important.

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