Difference Between IUI And IVF 2021

difference between IUI and IVF

Difference between IUI and IVF : There are quite a few options taken into account while treating fertility issues. The IUI and IVF are effective methods used to treat fertility issues. However, there are a lot of differences between IUI and IVF fertility treatments. Let’s know the key differences between them.

Complete Details Of IUI and IVF | Major Differences between IUI And IVF

A detailed data has provided for each treatment below :

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

Intrauterine insemination is also known as artificial insemination. It is a simple and effective process used to treat couples who have fertility issues. The concentrated and washed sperm from a seminal fluid is procured and placed in the lab. With IUI, this sperm is used to penetrate into the egg (cytoplasm) and embryos or egg is fertilized over a period of time.

A hale and healthy sperm are taken out of semen fluid and inserted inside the egg. Sometimes sperm is unable to get into the egg as the eggs’ outer layer is thick and hard to go through. In such conditions, IUI is effective and considered to be a more robust mechanism to cope up with infertility issues.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology used for treating infertility problems. The IVF is done outside the woman’s body in a lab where mans’ sperm and the woman’s egg are combined. Before fertilization, the woman is given prescribed medications to stimulate the ovaries to retrieve eggs from fallopian follicles.  

The egg is retrieved by sedating and insemination is carried out on the same day. After fertilization, the embryo or fertilized egg is observed judiciously and decides when to transfer it to the uterus.

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Major difference between IUI and IVF

The important difference between IUI and IVF is that in IUI treatment, healthy and robust sperm is inserted into the egg in the uterus directly. Thereby, fertilization takes place inside a woman’s body. If the egg fertilized with sperm successfully, then fertilized egg or embryos grow and have a chance of the baby conceiving.

IVF treatment where fertilization happens outside or external in a laboratory. A males’ sperm and a females’ egg are collected and combined in glass or container in a lab for fertilization. After this process, the successfully fertilized eggs or embryos will be planted in the uterus. As a result, a woman conceives a baby.

IVF fertility treatment has more success rates as compared to IUI treatment. However, IUI is relatively affordable and accessible than IVF. It’s suggested for couples to choose IUI before going for other fertility treatments.

A survey done by SART stated that the success rate of IVF is higher for a woman of all ages is about 40%. It is higher for women who are below the age of 40 years. Below table will explain about difference between IUI and IVF in detail.


IUI treatment

IVF treatment


Not required

Requires anesthesia




Fertilization location

In womens’ body



Maximum 2 weeks

Maximum 3 weeks

Chances of pregnancy more than once






Difference between IUI and IVF

Similarities in both IUI and IVF treatment

There are several things IVF and IUI have in common. Most of them have to do with the preparation of treatment, general human conception. Fertility drugs will be added to both IVF and IUI treatments before fertilization or insemination to maximize the success rates of fertilization. Both IVF and IUI require high-quality sperm for fertilization.

To make both IVF and IUI treatments successful, the fertilized egg or embryo is placed in the uterus and grows into a complete infant.

IUI is the most common fertility treatment preferred by a lot of people. Since fertilization takes place inside the womans’ womb and is less invasive than done in a laboratory.  If certain parameters are not met by any of you, you can go for IVF treatment instead. The IUI treatment is chosen if males’ sperm is not healthy and brittle, low count of sperm.

IVF treatment is used for several types of infertility issues including tubal issues, uterus issues if age is over 40 years, low-quality sperm count, and others. IVF is the best treatment for the people who employ the donated eggs or surrogates.

The IVF treatment is expensive as compared to IUI treatment. However, the IVF success rate considerably is higher than IUI. You can try up to three cycles of IUI before you go for IVF treatment if you are below 40 years.