Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (Aman) PJSC

dubai islamic insurance & reinsurance company
dubai islamic insurance & reinsurance company 2021

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (AMAN) is a public shareholding company founded in 2003 in Dubai to offer Islamic insurance services in the UAE. The company started its services on 8th April 2003.

It primarily offers short-term Takaful contracts in accident mishaps, medical risks also known as general Takaful. The companies’ activities are under the control of its Fatwa and Sharias’ board whose members are appointed by the Shareholders.  Dubai Islamic & Reinsurance Company executes its investment services according to the Shariahs’ guidelines.

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company Full Details 2021

The company offers Takaful (insurances) in fields like engineering, marine, fire, liability, and health.  Dubai Islamic Insurance works as per the laws of Shariah. The Company is authorized to offer reinsurance and life Takaful services as well. 

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance also known as AMAN is one of the most renowned insurance providers in the UAE insurance market. The motto of AMAN is to offer financial support and security to its customers.  

Features & Services of Dubai Islamic Car insurance in UAE

AMAN or Dubai Islamic Car insurance has been offering insurance to its customers since its inception. Here take a look at the major benefits.

Availability: Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company is responsive and is available to its customers. The instant cover is offered on insinuation.  

Customer Support: Regardless of the type of insurance it offers, every customer is treated very well at Aman. As it has a huge network across the country and has expert staff members to help its customers, Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company offers services to its customers 24×7.

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Complete Insurance in UAE

The company provides comprehensive coverage to its customers.

  1. Assistance if you are run into an accident.
  2. Emergency medical help/services
  3. Any sort of physical damage to the vehicle
  4. Emergency road help

Dubai Islamic Car Insurance

As the number of automobiles is rising exponentially, there is a substantial price in the cost of vehicles as well. If you’re a car owner or one who wants to buy a car, then car insurance is helpful to redress the challenges of car buyers or owners. The company offers complete cover to commercial as well as private vehicles.

In case, if any damage happens to vehicles, the insurance that you bought will get you out of trouble. Therefore, the car owner is highly advised to have insurance coverage against vehicles.

In addition, few more advantages like incentives can be availed by fleet owners if they have clear driving records.

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Following things are covered under Dubai Islamic car insurance

Dubai Islamic car insurance provides coverage under the below conditions.

  • Any damage took place to a third party property
  • If any injury or demise of the third party
  • Third-party responsibility cover vehicle owners/drivers

Benefits availed by Car insurance holders in Dubai

Buy or Renew car insurance UAE online to avail below benefits.

  1. Emergency vehicle assistance at an affordable cost as specified below.
  • 180 for 5 days
  • 350 for 10 days
  • 450 for 15 days
  1.  In case of any injuries, coverage to the driver and passengers
  2.  Registration facility at affordable price
  3.  Protection against any damage or loss on account of riots, strikes, or any disturbances.
  4.  2 years of agency repair facility from the day insurance is purchased.

Documents required for Dubai Islamic car Insurance Claim procedure

Below documents are required to the insurer to obtain reimbursement of car insurance in Dubai.

  • Police Report
  • Driving License
  • Registration card
  • Passport copy for age proof
  • Police report, if any vehicle theft
  • Ownership certificate
  • Court verdict
  • Invoice for claim estimation
  • Certificate of disability