Fallopian Tube Removal Surgery

fellopian tube removal surgery 2021

Fallopian Tube Removal : Removal or blocking fallopian tubes permanently is known as Tubal ligation. Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure in which egg fertilization with sperm is stopped. Therefore women can’t bear a child and are considered to be a method of birth control. It is one of the most effective methods of female sterilization.

Removing one or two fallopian tubes is known as salpingectomy. Removal of fallopian tubes is done in several methods including hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and cesarean section. Fallopian tubes are locations where eggs are fertilized with sperm. The fertilized egg or embryo comes down to the uterus to grow. Removal of fallopian tubes means you will no longer bear a child. However, with help of IVF, you can conceive a child.  Even with the removal of one fallopian tube, you still have a chance to conceive a child. Removal of both fallopian tubes makes you infertile.

Women without fallopian tubes can live without any health complications. However, she can’t conceive a child and can choose an option to go for IVF if she likes to have a baby after fallopian tube removal.

After fallopian tube removal, the egg can’t reach the uterus through the tubes. Sperm also can’t reach an egg in the fallopian tube to get fertilized.

Fallopian Tube Removal Step by step process 2021

Fallopian Tube Removal surgery 2021
Fallopian Tube Removal surgery 2021

Removal of the fallopian tubes is done usually to stop a patient from getting pregnant in the future. Salpingectomy is suggested to those who have any issues like fallopian tube blocking, fallopian tube rupturing, fallopian tube cancer, infection. It is seldom for women to have fallopian tube cancer.

Instructions before the procedure to a patient

You will be given instructions before and after the operation by your surgeon regarding the procedure. Several factors like patients’ health, age, and any abdominal surgery will be considered before the operation is initiated.

You should seek precautions to be taken before the surgery takes place.


You will be given anesthesia before the surgery begins. An incision will be made on the lower abdomen by a surgeon. The fallopian tubes will be removed from this cutting and it will be closed with stitches. Post-surgery, you will be sent to the recovery room for observation. You may experience nausea, mild pain at the place of the surgeon.

You can do your daily activities after surgery by following doctors’ instructions. It probably takes a few days to get normal after surgery. Stop doing any excessive work or exercise for a few days. Inform your surgeon if you go through any one of the below.

  • Having pain or nausea at the spot of surgery
  • Observing redness, swelling, discharge near the surgery place
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Unable to clear your bladder

It takes more time to heal the surgery and everyone takes their own time to recover. It probably takes around 20 days to 40 days to recover fully after surgery.

Cost of fallopian tube removal

As per the survey, the cost of the treatment may vary from $3000 to $13,000. The cost of treatment relies on several things like surgery, hospital location, doctor’s fee, clinic, and more.  This treatment may be covered by insurance providers. Implanting and removal of tubes are dear.

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