What Is Fertilization In Humans ?

fertilization in humans

Fertilization In Humans: Fertilization is a combination of human sperm and egg, taking place in a woman’s fallopian tube. As a result, a fertilized egg or embryo is formed, leading to prenatal development. The fertilization starts with ejaculation during sexual intercourse when a woman is in the menstrual cycle or is about to release an egg.

If either of couples feels pain or does not indulge in the coupling, several advanced reproductive technologies like artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, external ejaculation without sexual intercourse, and more are available.  During sexual intercourse, one to three healthy sperm out of millions of sperm reach the egg and one sperm will be able to penetrate into an egg (cytoplasm) through the outer layer of the egg.

What happens during fertilization in humans after many sperms reach close to the ovum ?

The sperm that penetrated the egg reaches the uterus. Here fertilization is done inside a woman’s womb. However, with advanced reproductive technologies like In Vitro, a woman’s egg is fertilized with males’ sperm outside the womb in a laboratory.  

The sperm has to undergo several changes in the woman’s womb after the sperm ejaculated freshly. As sperm is not able to fertilize, sperm must evolve its physical changes in females’ reproductive tract for a few hours, which helps maximize its stability and motility. 

It is to be noted that one to two sperms out of around 100 million sperms reach the egg. It requires only one sperm to fertilize with an egg. Every time during sexual intercourse, men discharge around 100 million sperm. Human fertilization was found in the early nineteenth century.

Formation of Embryo:

Fertilization of males’ sperm and females’ eggs causes the formation of a zygote which is the basis for the formation of an embryo. This embryo begins to form cells that lead to tissues. Tissues turn into organs of the body. The embryo gets placed in the walls of the uterus for further formation. The last stage of the embryo is a fetus in which all parts of the human body are identified.  

Infections of fertilization in humans :

Several issues may happen due to defects in fertilization. Fertilizing an egg with more than one sperm leads to birth defects. This method is known as polysperm. 

Symptoms of conception:

Women find in themselves a few considerable changes like mild cramping, light bleeding, nausea, sore breasts, and more.

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