UAE Visitor Travel Health Insurance Complete Guide 2021

Health Insurance for Visitor Visa in UAE
Health Insurance for Visitor Visa in UAE 2021

Health Insurance for Visitor Visa in UAE 2021 : A lot of us go abroad for several reasons like visiting, studying, and working. However, most of us not be aware of other countries’ health insurance policies. We keep questioning ourselves like is it required to have a travel health insurance policy ?.

Even If I stay in other countries for a considerable period of time, why should I have health insurance? To answer all your queries, we, in this post, explain about significance of travel health insurance policy and how does it come to the rescue when you are in an unhealthy and uncertain state.

Health Insurance for Visitor Visa in UAE 2021

It’s well-known fact that we never know what will happen to us in merely a few hours. While going alone or with family, you may likely face any issues. These issues would be like your health issues, document loss, and more.

Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to be risk-free before traveling to other countries and make sure your journey is hassle-free. Your travel health insurance will help you avoid any future risks overseas.   

Every year, millions of people visit the UAE, particularly Dubai for several reasons.  UAE is said to be an iconic continent as it has luxurious shopping malls, hotels, amusement parks, and more.  

While visiting rich countries like UAE, you perhaps would be wondering whether is it necessary to have travel health insurance or not?

It’s suggested to have travel insurance when you move to a foreign country even though it’s not compulsory. Expensive countries like UAE, where healthcare is quite dear. You may not be given due medical treatment if you have no health insurance.

Will I get travel health insurance for the UAE ?

You will get travel health insurance for the UAE through travel insurance firms in your nation. However, there are a few things you must take into account while purchasing an insurance policy.

List of things you need to look at when you buy a health insurance policy In UAE

Health Insurance for Visitor Visa in UAE 2021
Health Insurance for Visitor Visa in UAE 2021

Purchase policy earlier: In Uae you have to know about All types of insurances First.When you make a trip to UAE, travel insurance should be one of the few things you need to finish off. You must ensure that the amount paid for insurance is refundable or not in case you cancel the trip to UAE. You may likely get half of the amount.

Compare policies being offered by many firms online: A number of health insurance companies are coming up with lucrative insurance policies. You as a policy seeker should be able to figure out the best among all insurance policies by comparing the policy offers.

Comprehend the entire policy: you’re requested to read the health insurance policy thoroughly well. Even though it takes a considerable amount of time to go through the entire policy norms, you must ensure that it’s read and understood fairly. 

What things have been covered for Travel Medical Insurance for the UAE ?

While purchasing travel medical health insurance for UAE, you ensure that the health insurance policy covers a minimum of a few basic things.

Medical Emergencies: Purchase the health insurance policy that covers medical emergencies like doctors’ visits, surgical procedures, ambulance, ER, cost of hospitalization, and cost of medicine as well.

Trip disturbance: Visiting UAE is dear. You must ensure that while purchasing the policy, it covers non-refundable amounts. In case you cancel your trip to UAE, policy providers should pay the expenses incurred to you.   

Covers for any loss of personal belongings:  while staying in the UAE, you may lose your personal objects. While buying a policy, ensure that the policy covers it.

What are the things not covered under the UAE Travel Health Insurance policy

There are few areas where health insurance is not applied. As you plan to visit the UAE, you may want to spend your leisure period with your whole family and do adventure activities.

Those adventurous things like skydiving, dune bashing, car racing, skiing, scuba diving, and more will not come under the health insurance policy.

 If you are determined to indulge in such adventurous activities, then you will have to enquire about additional coverage from your insurance policy providers.

Below things that are not covered under the UAE health insurance policy

  • If you meet with an accident / get injured while engrossing in activities that are not added to your policy.
  • Driving an automobile while you are drunk and reckless driving
  • Leaving your belongings because of sheer negligence
  • Missing your flight for any reason that isn’t specified in the policy

Is the healthcare system costs in the UAE for tourists ?

The UAE has a great health care system. When you meet with an accident or fall sick, you will be treated well at the hospital.

Nonetheless, healthcare is not free for all except UAE citizens. You will have to spend a huge amount if you have no health insurance cover. In the UAE, medical costs are expensive.

If you intend to buy travel health insurance, one thing you have to keep in mind is that the additional cost of an insurance policy is merely the remaining amount of what you have to pay if you need medical help.

You are required to spend from 4% to 10% of your trip on your travel health insurance. This concludes the topic Health Insurance for Visitor Visa in UAE 2021. If you have any doubts about this post then comment below.