Medical Insurance For Pregnancy Dubai 2021

Health Insurance Plan for Pregnancy in Dubai 2021
Health Insurance Plan for Pregnancy in Dubai 2021

Best Health Insurance Plan for Pregnancy in Dubai 2021 : One of the significant aspects of every woman’s life is motherhood. It’s essential to have a maternity insurance plan if you’re going to conceive a baby.

Maternity Health Insurance helps you cover your maternity expenditure during cesarean or normal delivery in addition to newborn baby care. Thereby, you don’t need to pay excessive amounts for hospitalization as well as the delivery cost.

Financial constraints shouldn’t be the cause of your concern during your delivery time. It’s, therefore, paramount important to have maternity insurance. There are several best health Insurance plans for pregnancy in Dubai.      

Dubai Health Authority has brought in a new law for its residents that health insurance has been made mandatory for all Dubai citizens. In addition, they set a minimum level of features that can be availed in every health insurance policy. 

Health Insurance Plan for Pregnancy in Dubai Benefits

Maternity Cover has been one of the key aspects of health insurance in the UAE. The insurers cover the costs associated with baby delivery and the mother.  There are several features a pregnant woman can make use of.

One of the features that have been added to pregnancy cover is prenatal (pre-delivery) care. Prenatal care includes a periodical checkup of the mother at the Gynecologist department before conceiving a baby. The health insurance providers usually include a certain number of doctors’ visits, scans, and tests to be done.

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Besides, postnatal (post-delivery) benefits will be added. The benefit will be added up to eight weeks post-delivery. The benefits will be added for the mother if any serious issues happen during or after delivery.  Newborn care is one more benefit added to maternity cover.

A few health insurance companies in UAE offer insurance cover for newborn babies for one month post they are born. On other hand, few insurance companies cover up to three months. It gives additional protection if any health complications arise for the child and is required to spend a few more days in the hospital.

What’s the cost of the maternity package?

Purchasing a maternity package from a hospital is the best choice a pregnant woman can make to avoid any unprecedented health complications during delivery. However, not all hospitals afford you maternity health insurance.

Therefore, you as a policy seeker must verify which hospitals are offering maternity health insurance. In UAE, you will get different types of insurance packages that cover room charges, doctors’ fees, and more.

A few hospitals may cover prenatal and postnatal tests as well. Nonetheless, you must enquire about insurance packages in and out before you buy maternity health insurance. The maternity package in the UEA usually begins from AED 6,000.  

EBP Maternity Cover

EBP stands for Essential Benefits Plan is the least level of health insurance cover that every citizen of Dubai is compelled to have as per the Dubai law. The EBP is helpful for people who earn less than AED 4,000 per month.

The premium amount of EBP is between AED 550 and AED 650 per year. This is not applicable for those who earn more than AED 4,000 per month.    

Why do I need maternity health insurance?

The health insurance companies hike the premium amount if you’re pregnant by at least AED 20,000 for expenses of child delivery, any health issues arise during delivery. The amount you pay for child delivery is typically less than the amount you pay for health insurance.

However, the advantage of having maternity health insurance is that you would be guarded against any health complications that may happen during the prenatal and postnatal periods.

You can visit the national health insurance website at to know more about health insurance policies. This concludes the topic Best Health Insurance Plan for Pregnancy in Dubai 2021.