How to download and install obs studio on windows 10

how to download and install obs studio on windows 10
how to download and install obs studio on windows 10

OBS Studio Download 2021 : OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source platform used for recording and streaming programs. It’s also known as OBS Studio. It’s available for all platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux. OBS was earlier used to run on only Windows XP. Later it is designed to run on all operating systems.

This software is designed and developed using C, C++. OBS, in addition to streaming and recording programs, also offers encoding, scene composing, capturing devices, and more.

OBS interface is user friendly and categorized into five sections. They are Sources, Scenes, audio mixer, controls, and transitions.  Its interface is easily customizable. Arranging and docking several windows do not take much time and can be done according to your needs. It lets you stream live videos in several different languages. With help of sound capture and mono channel, this can be done.

How To Download And Install OBS Studio On Windows 10 Step By Step Process 2021

Visit the OBS Studio official website here to know about it in detail. You can download and install OBS Studio software from its official website at click here as it’s entirely free. On the official webpage, you can see several download options for 32-bit and 64-bit.

This software can also be downloaded through GitHub and Bittorrent. The latest version of OBS software is functional in all operating systems including Windows 8 and later versions. The original OBS Studio with both 32-bit and 64-bit is exclusively available for Windows operating systems.

It’s stated that a huge number of users have been creating Videos for YouTube by using the OBS Studio tool. The amazing feature of OBS Studio software is an audio mixture. It’s easy to add multiple sources and regulate the sound when you need it.

How to use OBS Studio 2021 ?

Once you finish downloading and installing OBS Studio software, you can start recording videos. When you launch OBS Studio, you would see the black screen with the menu bar.

Options like Tools on Menu bar can be found and get started with it to begin OBS recording videos. Select Auto-Configuration Wizard option in Tools.

Once you click on the Auto-Configuration Wizard option, it will open up Window with options like Streaming, Recording, and Virtual Camera. You can select any options among three to do with OBS Studio.

With the Streaming option, Service providers like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch can be used and help you set the bit rate.  With the Recording option, you will be able to record and edit it and can be sent to anyone.  With Virtual Camera, the whole scene can be sent to virtual conferencing software including Microsoft teams, Google meets, or zoom, or any other services.

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OBS studio 2021 for record screen and audio

You can set the Base Resolution size according to your requirements in Video Settings. Frames Per Second can be set according to your video requirements. If you’re going to record for desktop or laptop, any application, then 30 frames per second are suggested. You will have an effective resolution.

If you would like to undo the changes you made in settings, then go back to the Tools option on the Menu bar, run through the Auto-Configuration Wizard option.

If you wish to change various settings, then click on the Settings option in the File menu where you can change screen recording and streaming.

Display or Capture options are used to share computer screens during the broadcast. Display Capture is used to broadcast everything in a particular area. Window Capture is used to broadcast the screen of specific applications for instance PowerPoint, Internet, Word, and Skype, etc. This is all about how to download and install obs studio on windows 10.

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