Downloading YouTube videos on Andriod and iPhone mobiles

How to download YouTube Videos in mobile
How to download YouTube Videos in mobile 2021

How to download YouTube Videos in mobile 2021

YouTube is a quite popular video app to watch any content. It strikes every user’s mind when it comes to watching movies, serials, live events, movie trailers, and other content. YouTube is a well-known app to watch videos of any content. Streaming videos or Live videos can be watched for free from YouTube. You would watch content again and again if you’re interested in any particular content.

However, it consumes too much data by watching the same content again on YouTube. There are numerous third-party apps and a bunch of services to download the content without having to watch content on YouTube. With apps and tools, you would avoid huge data loss. There were times when you were charged exorbitantly for accessing optimal data and have no stable internet connection.

Did you ever try downloading the content?  If you’re a movie buff you would have known ways to download the content. Here we present some of the best means to download YouTube content.

Download Youtube Videos On Android 2021


Below are a few methods with which you can download the YouTube content.

  1. Before you start downloading the video, look for the video you’d like to download and open it. After opening the video, you can find a share button with the right side arrow below the video.
  2. Click on the button to get the copy link. Copy the selected link.
  3. Paste the copied link in the browser search box.
  4. After pasting the link, you will find a video in the browser.
  5. Place your cursor behind the letter ‘Y’ in YouTube word and remove everything behind the term YouTube.
  6. After clearing ‘http://m.’, type ‘ss’ in the same place where YouTube is found.
  7. After entering, click search. From here your favorite video can be downloaded. You can select a file format and its size. You can try this method for your desktop.

By following the above methods, you can download high-quality youtube videos on your Andriod mobile.

Through YouTube Downloader app/similar apps

  1. Download the YouTube Downloader app and downloading search for the content you wish to download.
  2. Choose the format you want – MP4 format or MP3 format file.
  3. Click the download button and wait till the app works that would take few minutes.
  4. Download the file with the required size.

You can download videos using third-party apps like TubeMate. However, this app can only function on Andriod devices. TubeMate app is not available on the Googles’ App Store. It can be downloaded from the internet.

Download Youtube Videos On IPhone 2021


The Apps that run on Andriod mobiles may not function on iPhone devices. Therefore, you are required to install apps that are compatible with iPhone mobiles.

Below is the list of YouTube Downloader Apps:

  1. TubeMate
  2. VidMate
  3. NewPipe
  4. YouTube Go
  5. Videoder
  6. Dentex
  7. Snaptube
  8. InsTube
  9. YMusic
  10. YT3 YouTube Downloader

With these apps, you can download YouTube videos with high quality on your android and on iPhone mobile.

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