Improve fertility in men : Key Steps 2021

How To Improve fertility in men
Improve fertility in men

How To Improve fertility in men : If It’s been more than one year since you got married yet no child, then you must be facing fertility-related issues like low sperm count, sperm motility, and more. Don’t be apprehensive. There are several ways to tackle fertility issues. It’s been one of the most common issues today’s young parents are facing. 

You must consult your doctor to ascertain the precise cause of the fertility issue. Thereby you can overcome fertility issues with certain medications. Adopting, altering a lifestyle can boost your sperm quality and quantity.  

There are few things that must be taken care of while facing fertility issues and examining sperm will result in identifying exact issues of fertility problems.

How To Improve fertility in men ? Major Factors To Be Taken

Sperm Quantity

In general, one milliliter of semen has more than 15 million sperm during ejaculation. If you have less than that count, it is considered to be a low sperm count. Out of 15 million sperm, barely one or two reach an egg and get fertilized with it. If you have less than that sperm count, then this leads to fertility issues.

Sperm Quality

Sperm, even if its quantity is higher, must be healthy enough to travel from vagina to cervix to fallopian tubes. If they are not robust, then it is hard to get your partner pregnant.

Sperm Motility

Sperms’ motility is the movement of sperm from entering the vagina to fallopian tubes to reach an egg. The motility of the egg is also one of the deciding factors of fertility. If sperms’ motility is not at an optimum level, then there are fewer chances of your partner getting pregnant.   

Causes of Low Sperm Count

There are multiple causes attributed to low sperm count. For instance, if your lifestyle is sedentary and has no physical activities, not taking a healthy diet, abusing drugs, consuming alcohol and smoking leads to unhealthy and lower sperm count.

The best ways to increase Sperm count or quantity and quality

Diet: A healthy diet plays an essential role in improving ones’ sperm count. Intake of fruits and nuts maximize the quality of sperms. Apart from eating a healthy diet, you must avoid taking few food items. They are listed below. Foods listed below you must stop consuming as they impair your fertility and health of sperm. 

1.Stale and processed food and meats

2.Limiting Dairy products 

3.Pesticides applied vegetables

4.Fats and soy products

  1. Exercise : As we know, exercise alters one’s mood. A study done by an organization says that moderate exercise regularly increases sperm count. Those who are underweight or overweight will face fertility issues related to sperm count or quality of sperm. In addition, it ruins one’s sexual life. Being an ideal weight will maximize the chances of increasing sperm count.     
  2. Quitting smoke, alcohol: Men who smoke and drink alcohol have less chance of healthy sperms. Smoking and consuming alcohol excessively affect sperm health and sperm motility.        
  3. Getting de-stressed: A research found that those who undergo stress immensely will likely have fewer chances of healthy sperm.

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