How do I know when someone is online on Instagram?

how do u know if someone is online on instagram

The Facebook-owned app Instagram is a social media platform where we share photos, videos, and more. Instagram offers several features and is available for both Android and iOS. If you want to know about how to know who is online on instagram, read this article completely.

We tend to know if someone is online on Instagram. We present a few tips with which you can find if the person is online or not.

When you open your Instagram account, you can find a set of icons at the top of your Instagram account. These are called Instagram stories and they are similar to Snapchat in terms of functionality. People share photos, videos, and stories throughout the day. The stories, images, and videos posted by people will appear at the top of the app. Checking their story and posts we can find out when the last time they posted a story.   

To know the chats and people whom you have communicated with, you can find it by swiping your finger from right to left. In addition, you can find who is online and it indicates green dot color if they are online. It shows the time period and date when they come online. You get the history of chat when you tap on that particular profile.

To know the activity, tap the heart symbol icon at the bottom of your app. You can find a notification when you tap on that icon.

If you don’t want anybody to see your online status, you can turn online status off on the Instagram app.

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