How to Learn English Easily and Faster at Home

Spoken English In Telugu

How To Learn Spoken English In Telugu 2020

Spoken English In Telugu : Speaking English is the most important in this generation. For every student and employee must have English knowledge, otherwise, they will not be able to survive in their careers. Nowadays a lot of Spoken English institutions are available. But we have to spend a lot of money.
          So here I’m providing the best way to learn spoken English from home without any investment. To learn English we need only a smartphone. It may be an Android or Ios device, we have plenty of options. Just pick up your smartphone and go to Google play store and Download an App called “English Speaking Practice “. A famous proverb is there – Practice makes a mans perfect. So we have to practice English through this app daily.
Learn and improve your spoken English skills through this app by practicing their interactive conservation practice tools. It will give basic conversation lessons and expert conversation lessons. If you are a beginner in spoken English then start with lesson 1. Let’s see all of the options in this App first. After downloading the App interface should be like this :

1.Beginner English Conversation :

If you are a beginner in spoken English then go through these conversations. if you click on this category again we will get a lot of sub-categories like

  • Chat-small Talk
  • Complaints & Feelings &Opinions
  • Daily Life
  • Debate-Argument
  • Entertainment and Food
  • Talking about favors
  • Future & Regrets
  • Home Life
  • About the News
  • Problems and Advice

According to your requirement, you can choose a category, then again you will get more sub-categories. For example, if you selected Daily-Life option then it will give you like

    • Missing Order
    • A Big Stain
    • Dry Cleaning Emergency
    • Making an Appointment
    • Medical Emergency
    • Scheduling a haircut
    • The New Stylist
    • Wrong Color Jacket
    • Wrong Flowers
    • Getting a Bite to Eat
    • Coffee and Donuts
    • Pizza Time
    • Getting Delivery
    • Getting a Refund
    • Exchange a Sweater
    • Anniversary Gift
    • Mom’s Birthday Gift
    • Broken Vacuum
    • Broken Computer

If you select any of these above options then you will get

    • listen
    • Quiz
    • practice
    • Record

First, you have to listen carefully about every conversation then go to the quiz and participate in it then practice yourself with the given conversation. Finally, record your own voice and observe the mistakes so that you can correct it there itself.

2.Business English Conversation :

If you are an expert in spoken English and need to learn some tips about your business conversations then select this category. In this category also you will get plenty of options like :

    • Business Trip
    • Company Related Topics
    • Dealing With Business Clients
    • Dealing With Co-workers
    • In the Office
    • Negotiation Related Topics
    • Networking Related Topics
    • News Related Topics
    • People in Business
    • Stress Active Sympathy

Then if you select an option like In the Office then it will give a lot of sub options like :

  • Explaining a report
  • Asking for Clarification
  • Not Feeling well
  • Calling in Sick
  • Inappropriate Work Clothes
  • A New Dress Code
  • Perks
  • No perks
  • Running Your Own Business
  • Talking About Your Job
  • The Client is Avoiding Me
  • An Angry Colleague
  • Always Late
  • Taking A Day Off
  • On the Phone
  • Flooded With Calls
  • Personal Calls
  • Lazy Colleague
  • Wrong Phone Number
  • The Daily Special

If you select any of these above options then you will get

    • listen
    • Quiz
    • practice
    • Record

So finally it’s up to you. Go through this app thoroughly and do practice daily basis you will learn more and more conversations easily. Good luck guys.