How To Watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 In USA 2021

How to watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 in USA
How to watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 in USA

How to watch Big Boss Telugu Season 5 in USA 2021 ?

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show is back again on Star Maa Telugu Channel. The Show is hosted by the Actor Nagarjuna, This is his third season as a host. As we all know Bigg Boss is an very popular reality show across the country and abroad as well.

This Telugu Version of Bigg Boss has got good TRP Ratings now. There are 19 contestants who have participated in Bigg boss telugu season 5. Here are the names

  1. Siri
  2. VJ Sunny
  3. Lahari Shari
  4. Sreeram Chandra
  5. Anee Master
  6. Lobo
  7. Priya
  8. Jessie Jashwanth
  9. Priyanka Singh
  10. Shanmukh Jashwanth
  11. Hamida
  12. Natraj Master
  13. Sarayu
  14. Vishwa
  15. Uma Devi
  16. Manas
  17. Rj Kajal
  18. Swetha Varma and
  19. Ravi

The show has moved into third week now. Sarayu and Uma Devi are eliminated from the show.

Where to watch Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu Live ?

Bigg Boss directly telecasts on Star Maa Telugu Channel from Monday to Friday on 10PM to 11PM and On Saturday and Sunday 9PM to 10PM. You can also watch it on Disney+Hotstar App by taking VIP subscription and also on Yupp TV as well.

Best Ways to watch Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu

You can do bigg boss 5 telugu live free streaming by using these apps. So try to download any one one app and enjoy bigg boss season 5 telugu live streaming in usa, uk, canada, kuwait, saudi arabia and australia.

#A ) Star Maa

Star Maa is an popular Telugu Channel in the Television Industry with many daily serials under its belt. All the content provided by the Star Maa has brought them good TRP Ratings.

Now as the Bigg Boss Season 5 has started, You can watch it on TV along with your family. To watch Unseen cuts of Bigg Boss then you have to either watch it on Hotstar or in Star Maa Music.

#B ) Disney+Hotstar

Disney+Hotstar is one of the popular OTT Platforms across the country. You can watch many serials, shows, movies and documentaries as well. Disney+Hotstar is owned by Star Networks.

You can watch Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu on this OTT Platform by taking subscription if you want to watch live. You can watch it for free after the episode is telecasted on the television. All you have to do is search Bigg Boss Season 5 in the search box and start streaming.

#C ) Voot

Voot is another OTT App and also an website where you can watch Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu. Voot is popular for reality show streaming. Most of the top hindi reality TV Shows come on Voot App only.

But to watch Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu on Voot App, You have to subscribe to watch all episodes live. Remember, Both Hotstar and Voot have geographical restrictions. So they don’t work outside India.

#D ) Yupp TV

Yupp TV is an popular App, It is quite similar to Hotstar and Voot. You can watch all episodes of Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu on this platform.

You need to download it on your device and search for Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu and start watching. It doesn’t have any geographical restrictions. It works in some parts of USA as well.

There is also another options which is you can watch Bigg Boss Season 5 Highlights directly on Youtube. There will be no restrictions for Youtube right. But the whole episode won’t be available on the platform. Just some highlights here and there.

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How to watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 in USA ?

As mentioned above Bigg Boss Telugu reality show is very popular across the country and abroad as well. But the only problem is, It is an regional language show.

So people in US and other countries cannot watch the show that easily. So here are some methods by which the people in US can watch Bigg Boss Show.

#A ) Using VPN

People living in US and other countries cannot watch Bigg Boss Telugu. So they have to download VPN App which will help them to change their location to India. Apart from watching, They can also vote through Hotstar App as well.

  1. Download VPN From Google Play Store or App Store on your Device.
  2. Signup in VPN and Create your Account. Most of the VPN’s are available for free.
  3. Go to settings in VPN App and there you need to select the location India. Once you select India, You will be given a new IP Address which will show your location in the country.
  4. Then open the browser and open Hotstar website and search Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 and start Streaming.
  5. Then you will watch live free Big Boss Telugu Season 5 in USA.

#B ) RTS TV App

This is an another alternative app to watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 in usa Episodes. But this is not considered as legal because the digital rights of the reality show have been brought by Hotstar India. In Rts Tv app, You can access Telugu Channels absolutely for free.

To Watch Live Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu In USA Download App Below :-


Final Words

As we all know that Bigg Boss is a family reality show. Every one can watch this show daily. The Reality shows craze is increasing every day that is why many channels are bringing best shows to keep the audience hooked to the televisions. So as the Bigg Boss Season 5 has started and it is already into third week now. So start watching the show and vote for your favorite contestant.

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