What is an Human Embryo ? Human embryo development stages

Human Embryo
Human Embryo

Human Embryo : A human embryo is a single entity formed from the fertilization of an egg with sperm.

Formation of Embryo

A Human embryo is formed when a males’ sperm is fertilized with a females’ egg. It is the development stage that starts immediately following fertilization and continues till the formation of body parts, tissues, and organs. A single-cell zygote is formed from the union of a males’ sperm and a woman’s egg. Zygote a single cell goes through several changes rapidly.

A newly developed human is known as an embryo for around two months following conception. The first organ formed in Embryo: A baby’s brain and spinal cord are formed just four weeks after conception. Other parts like the heart and organs begin to form. The heart starts to beat. Embryos’ size is around apple seed by the end of the first month of its fertilization. Life starts at fertilization.

Loss of Embryo

An embryo may be lost at any stage of its growth. An embryo loss happens at any stage of its progress between the fifth and tenth week of its improvement. The loss of an embryo takes place quite often without the knowledge of pregnancy and expects around 40% to 60% of all embryos to die. One of the major reasons for the loss of an embryo is embryos implantation. Vaginal bleeding is one of the signs of miscarriage.

Causes of loss of Embryo

There are several causes attributed to a loss of the embryo.

  • Consumption of alcohol, and tobacco
  • Abuse of drugs
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Obesity, diabetes, thyroid issues

Loss of embryo is typically called abortion or miscarriage. Miscarriage more or less happens in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.   

There are several advanced technologies like IVT used to form embryos at the lab. Sometimes women are not able to conceive due to fertility issues. In IVT treatment, an egg is retrieved from the woman’s fallopian tube and fertilized with males sperm in glass at the lab. It becomes an embryo or gets fertilized after a few days in a glass or container. The embryo is planted in the woman’s uterus.

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