How to know who is stalking you on Instagram

know who is stalking you on instagram

With the advent of advanced technology and high-speed internet, doing business online is becoming quite common. Individuals and business people are sharing videos, images, and more to promote and expand their business to great extent. However, there are people who sometimes secretly view and misuse photos, videos, and more by following Instagram accounts to ruin their rivals’ careers and businesses. With help of technology and apps, it is pretty easy to track who is abusing the shared data including photos, videos. So lets check know who is stalking you on instagram.

One of the most frequently asked questions on the internet is who stalks my Instagram account. Instagram does not have such a mechanism to prevent anyone from viewing your Instagram account. 

Instagram stalkers are growing day by day.  Instagram stalking is becoming a major issue as far as online security is concerned. People who are following you on Instagram may either misuse your account or do nothing. It’s extremely significant to know who viewed your Instagram profile. 

Curious to know who stalks your Instagram profile? Here we present you a list of apps that help you find people who are stalking you. It’s free of cost to know who your Instagram stalkers are.

Below is the list of Instagram Stalker Apps

  1. Follower Insight:   This app helps you find the list of followers, un followers, and people who blocked you on Instagram. With help of this app, stalkers can be tracked without any hassle. This app is free of cost and is the best app to know the stalkers’ list.
  2. Follow Analyzers: As the name suggests, it is to analyze your Instagram account. It keeps track of the list of viewers. It is quite simple and easy to use and available for Google Playstore and Apple App Store.
  3. Insights: It’s the best app to install if you wish to find out stalkers, un followers, people who blocked you. It gives precise results with respect to the list of stalkers, individuals who blocked you on Instagram.
  4. SocialPlus app:  It’s one of the best apps one can use to find followers. You won’t face any technical issues while downloading, installing, and running this app. It’s quite easy to access this app. This app aids you figure out who is deceivably following. It renders 100% precise results. With this app, you can find who viewed your posts and images, videos a maximum number of times.  
  5. FollowMeter: This app is like an Instagram manager. It lets you track the list of followers and unfollowers. With this app, you can get to know who viewed your Instagram account in secrecy. Additionally, it helps you find the people who liked your posts. A number of people are using it to know real followers on their profile.
  6. Ig Analyzer: This app procures the information of followers who are checking your profile periodically and are interested in your data. It gives exact information as to who viewed your profile. It works for both android and iOS. It’s one of the best apps to install and use.