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Mystic messenger Full Details : Mystic messenger is a South Korean story app designed and developed by Cheritz. It works both on Android and iOS platforms as well. This game is defined as a story narrating a messenger game. It is available in English, Spanish, Korean, and Mandarin languages.  This game was released in 2016 and has won the Best Indie Game award in 2017.

Mystic messenger Game Story

The player in Mystic messenger has to play the role of a female who is a protagonist in this game. The player himself has to choose the name of the female character too. The female role played by the user in this game downloads a baffling app that takes her to an apartment owned by Rika. Rika founded a charity organization known as Rikas’ Fundraising Association or the Mint Eye HQ. She is given a task to hold a party by inviting guests and meets members of RFA.

In one more story, the lead role uses unknown tricks in playing the game and takes you to MintEye. The lead role is given 7 routes out of which he is supposed to take one route, discovering the truth behind the RFA.


In this game, there are a total of 7 routes and each route has 11 days. The game remains for a route. Out of 11 days for each route, one day for game introduction, three days for the common route, six days for the route of a role, one day for conducting a party. Players play in real-time and receive text messages, participate and chat in special messenger.

Players, in their communications for the first four days, respond to certain roles to maximize their geniality with them, marked as hearts. The player will be given a warning regarding the route at the end of the fourth day. The players’ fate whether he gets a route or meets a bad ending is decided on the basis of accumulated heart and conversations he made within four days.

Lead roles :-

The lead role or protagonist is frequently called MC (Main Character). She appears in 5 different forms, but she looks to have brown, silky hair, eyes hidden under bangs. As soon as she becomes a member of RFA, and is compelled to reside in Rikas’ apartment, she plays the role of Rika and holds the party that members of RFA have been waiting for.          

Jumin Han:

Jumin Han is a successor of the C&R international company owned by his father. His hair color is black, has grey eyes. Jumin is fond of cats and owns a Persian cat Elizabeth the 3rd. he states about cats that cats only understand and are faithful to him. He abhors if anyone calls his cat with a pet name particularly 707.

Jumin has a distinct view of the world, which makes him fight with Zen. He doesn’t mind what others think of him, but he is always helpful and comes to the rescue when any member of RFA is in trouble. He loves troubling Zen. 


Zen is the role of Hyun Ryu, a musical stage artist. His hair in white color, eyes in red-brown. Despite being self-centered, he wishes others to approve of him for his talent and character instead. He always tries to upgrade his skills.

He seems to be sensitive towards Jumin whom he calls with the nickname “Mr. Trust Fund Kid” and denies help from him. He doesn’t like cats. He has a positive outlook towards RFA members in particular the protagonist. He cautions her to be careful of the members and their behavior.


707 or Luciel Choi also known as seven is an intelligent hacker and agent and prepared RFA messenger app.  He has curly hair in red color. He likes junk food, particularly Buddha chips, Pepper. He talks in a way that nobody can understand him but the protagonist. His hobbies are hacking, collecting sports cars.

His house is protected well enough that it requires the Arabic language to speak to clear his security system. As his job is hacking, he always cautions other members to stay away from him, despite his carefree and easy-going attitude.


Rika and her former fiancée founded a charity organization known as RFA. RFA members worship her. She wanted everyone to be happy and help those in need by funding money. She had suffered from psychological issues from an early age as her mother committed suicide and her father left her when she was a baby.

Her mental condition has deteriorated to great extent due to the death of her pet dog Sally because of her blindness. Everyone believes that Rika was dead. But found to be Mint Eye. She states that she wishes the whole world to be happy. She is called Savior as she works with the unknown in Mint Eye.

This game has all amazing characters, storylines, and drama, graphics. In addition, you earn hourglasses tactically. However, it takes a considerable amount of time and this is what makes the game more interesting.

Mystic messenger Latest Updates
  • DLC has been updated after Rays’
  • Jumin Han DLC update
  • Fixed minor issues

This game is developed by Cheritz Co Ltd. More than 5 million people have installed it by far. It works on Android 4.1 and above. It was updated on 23 December 2020. 

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