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NSB AppStudio Download 2021 new features

NSB AppStudio Download 2021: Have you ever tried developing a mobile app or given up due to the complexity of its creation? Most of us have a perception that after being graduated, and having knowledge of software apps, developing and designing mobile apps would probably be easier. It’s a misconception to some extent.

Today developing an app has become quite simpler as there are numerous building apps available online. If you are interested in building or designing and developing apps irrespective of your domain, the internet has a plethora of building apps.

NSB App Studio is the one among them. NSB App Studio is a framework development tool to build apps. NSB App Studio can be downloaded from its official website for free. NSB App studio empowers us to build our own desktop as well as mobile apps that run on all devices without any compatible issues at all. The developed apps can be tested on a desktop.

NSB Appstudio Download 2021 | Features And Tools of NSB App Studio

NSB App Studio is a development tool that helps you develop and design your own app using Basic VB or JavaScript for iPhone and Android devices.  It has tools for creating applications and created applications get tested on your computer. The name of the file most people looked for installation is AppStudio.exe. It’s often regarded as NSBAppStudio. It’s owned by NS Basic Corporation. It pertains to development tools. The latest version of this framework is 5.2, 4.2, and 4.1.

It has several features that help you build apps. Thereby you don’t have to learn any new language that sounds complex to develop the app. It has unique features that allow you to drag and drop images, lines, labels, and placing messages, adjusting orientation when changes are required to carry out.  You can find several samples with controls, web services, and more that let you get familiarized with the application.

Besides, it has tools that help you integrate a lot of multimedia features like cameras, images, audio, and videos into your project.

Creating Android and iPhone Applications

The developed app is quite compatible with all major Operating Systems including iOS and Android Operating systems. With the NSB App Studio software developer tool, several major applications including PayPal, Adsense, Facebook, GoogleMaps, Accelerator have been developed. The designed and developed Apps by using NSB App studio can be tested on desktop. The written program in BASIC can be written in AppStudio.

NSB App Studio has come with a built-in tool to develop web apps for general purposes. It has options to build a customized database, make complex calculations.

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Download NSB App Studio 2021 New Link

NS Basic App Studio can be downloaded for free from its official website. However, downloading it for free has its own setbacks as will not function on all devices. To make use of it on all devices, you’re supposed to purchase the licensed version from its official website. It initially offers a trial version for a period of 30 days with certain limitations.

NSB App Installation :

Once you download NSB App from its official website, its installation doesn’t take more than a few minutes. The trial version has its own setbacks. It comes with a demo that gives you an idea as to how to make use of the tool. The tools that work on iOS devices may not work on Android devices

NSB Specifications: 

  • Developer: NS BASIC Corporation
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Date Released: March 1st, 2013
  • File Size: 24.41MB
  • Latest Version: 3.09

Click the below link to download the NSB App Studio latest version.


In nutshell, NSB App Studio is one of the best app development tools to design and develop apps for iOS as well as android devices and get them tested on your computer.

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