How to get unknown number details with photo

By | July 14, 2019

Eyecon: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Phone Contacts Use our true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and names of unknown caller and contacts in your phone book by only clicking one icon. Automatically record calls. Save important one to your phone or share them with your cloud backup (not supported on Android Pie). Sync with… Read More »

how to see our home in internet in 3D view

By | July 14, 2019

Google Earth Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery and 3D terrain of the entire globe and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. Set off on a unique adventure by rolling the dice and hopping between… Read More »

how to check bank account balance in telugu

By | July 14, 2019

Bank Balance Enquiry Bank Balance Inquiry enables you to view your bank account balance, mini statement & customer care number with just a single tap. With use of this bank balance enquiry app you can check your bank’s account balance & mini statement at anytime anywhere by free of cost, this is the app which will helps you… Read More »

How to get call details of friends in our mobile

By | July 12, 2019

E2PDF – Backup Restore SMS,Call,Contact,TrueCaller Now you can get xml or PDF backup of almost everything (Contacts, Specific contact Log, Call Log, SMS backup, Call Log Statistics, SMS Statistics, truecaller ) and you can instantly save these backup in email, Google Drive/ DropBox or save them on any cloud location/where ever you want. Backup and Restore feature is… Read More »

Listen others phone calls secretly in telugu 2019

By | July 11, 2019

RMC: Android Call Recorder RMC – Record My Call has a basic purpose to record all your call (incoming and outgoing). Please be noticed that due to limitation of Android phone (hardware and software), this program only can record from microphone. Please turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to get clear voice from the other side. All conversations… Read More »

Make WhatsApp Status Video In Telugu 2019

By | July 8, 2019

With the help of Avee music player we can create Best Whatsapp status videos in telugu. So first download this app  and try as I said. A lightweight music player with folder browsing, equalizer, song cross-fading, and video playback capability. Most notable features include audio visualizer and easy HD video production. While all visualizers are extensively customizable –… Read More »

Realme X జూలై 15 న భారతదేశంలో ప్రారంభం : సీఈఓ మాధవ్ శేత్

By | July 3, 2019

Realme సీఈఓ మాధవ్‌ శేత్‌ ఈ ఏడాది కంపెనీ అత్యంత మంది ఎదురుచూస్తున్నస్మార్ట్‌ఫోన్‌  Realme X ప్రారంభ తేదీని ధృవీకరించారు. చైనా స్మార్ట్‌ఫోన్ తయారీదారు జూలై 15 న మధ్యాహ్నం 12 గంటలకు రియల్‌మే ఎక్స్‌ని  రిలీజ్ చేయనున్నారు. ఇంతకుముందు వచ్చిన రియల్ మీ ఫోన్స్ బాగా అమ్ముడుపోవడంతో వీటికి గిరాకీ బాగా పెరిగింది. ఆ ఫోన్ పైన వచ్చిన కొన్ని పుకార్లను కూడా శేత్ ఖండించాడు. స్మార్ట్‌ఫోన్ యొక్క ప్రత్యేక ఎడిషన్‌ను భారతదేశానికి తీసుకురావడానికి కంపెనీ స్పైడర్ మ్యాన్: ఫార్ ఫ్రమ్ హోమ్‌తో… Read More »

రాహుల్ గాంధీ రాజీనామా చేశారు. తర్వాత ఏంటి?

By | July 3, 2019

రాహుల్ గాంధీ బుధవారం కాంగ్రెస్ అధ్యక్ష పదవి నుండి అధికారికంగా వైదొలిగారు. రాహుల్ గాంధీ నాలుగు పేజీల లేఖ రాశారు, దీనిలో ఇటీవల జరిగిన లోక్సభ ఎన్నికలలో ఫలితాలు వచ్చిన తరువాత పార్టీ ఉన్నత పదవి నుండి తప్పుకోవాలనే కోరికను పునరుద్ఘాటించారు. వారు పొందుపరిచిన లేఖలో, కాంగ్రెస్ ఎన్నికల ఓటమికి రాహుల్ గాంధీ పూర్తీ బాధ్యత తీసుకున్నారు మరియు “మా పార్టీ భవిష్యత్ వృద్ధికి జవాబుదారీతనం చాలా కీలకం” అని అన్నారు. “కొన్ని సమయాల్లో, నేను పూర్తిగా ఒంటరిగా నిలబడ్డాను అయినా సరే దాని గురించి… Read More »

How To Blur Photo background Automatically

By | July 3, 2019

Auto blur background – blur image like DSLR Auto blur background is fast and easy to use app to create amazing blur background effect pictures. Portrait photography app has lots of photo blurring, bokeh tools. Using them you can easily make your own DSLR Bokeh Effect. Blur image background is an effective blur photo editor, which can be… Read More »

Best Secret trick for Android Phones users to hide Apps

By | June 27, 2019

AppLock – Fingerprint Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint. Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery apps with password and prevent the apps from being exposed by snooper! ✔ In addition to perfect lock, AppLock can catch intruders by taking a picture and even hide the… Read More »

Latest Android Mobile Camera Trick 2019

By | June 20, 2019

Cameraless – Camera Blocker The cameraless app is a camera blocker used to disable all cameras in your mobile device, offering full protection against: • Spies, stalkers, spyware and various malware • Taking pictures/videos in secure areas.Primary features •  Option to grant permanent camera access to specifically authorized applications • Camera block as per day • Password protection • Multi-language support • Special mode… Read More »

sing a song and popular at over night easily

By | June 20, 2019

StarMaker: Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers Discover everything musical! Want more friends and music lover? With trusted by more than 50M users, StarMaker is No.1 popular karaoke and simple stream network among Gobal Community. StarMaker offers biggest global and local song catalog, you can find Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes or your local tunes. You can either free style… Read More »

How to make a Private Number Call on Android phone 2019

By | June 19, 2019

WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls Best Phone Call App in Google Play ★ Call Recorder – record phone calls for free ★ Cheap or free international calls to over 200 countries ★ Can display the caller phone number ★ Great voice quality at super low VoIP rates for US and global calls ★ Free VoIP… Read More »

increase android battery life 2019

By | June 2, 2019

Power saving mode 4000 mAh mobile power saving mode 4000 mAh mobile – Fast charger will boost your battery life up to 4000 mAh battery booster power saving mode 4000 mAh mobile is a better life and Fast Charger Battery app that can charger faster your phone faster than a normal charger! and extend your battery life saver… Read More »

గర్ల్ ఫ్రెండ్ లేదని బాధపడకండి..వెంటనే ఈ app ని ట్రై చేయండి.

By | June 1, 2019

Girl Mobile Number Search App : Girl Friend Search మీరు మీ స్నేహితులతో విసుగుచెందుతున్నారా ….? ఈ ఉత్తమ అప్లికేషన్ అమ్మాయి నంబర్స్ కనుగొని వారితో స్నేహం చేయడానికి ఉపయోగపడుతుంది.అదికూడా మనకు దగ్గరలో ఉన్న వల్ల డీటెయిల్స్ ఇస్తుంది.సో వెంటనే ఈ app ని ఒకసారి డౌన్లోడ్ చేసి ట్రై చేయండి. గర్ల్స్ మొబైల్ నంబర్: గర్ల్ ఫ్రెండ్ శోధన app యాదృచ్ఛికంగా రూపొందించబడింది కాంటాక్ట్స్ ఫోన్ చాట్ Apps లో ఒక గర్ల్ ఫ్రెండ్ కనుగొనేందుకు! Girl… Read More »

How to Learn English Easily and Faster at Home

By | June 1, 2019

Speaking English is the most important in this generation. For every student and employee must have English knowledge, otherwise, they will not be able to survive in their careers. Nowadays a lot of Spoken English institutions are available. But we have to spend a lot of money.           So here I’m providing the best… Read More »

KCR’s Shocking decision in Hyderabad for Jagan Mohan Reddy

By | May 30, 2019

Andhra split five years ago. Still, there are many issues like water disputes – there are conflicts between the two states in the field of employment. Also, there is an inter-state water dispute. Thereafter, Jagan has decided to pursue an inseparable attachment to the Andhra people with Hyderabad in order to strengthen the convenient environment among the people… Read More »

UK govt fails to issue apology for Jallianwala Bagh massacre

By | April 24, 2019

“This was a disaster and a despicable scene in British history. The British government appropriately censured the occurrence at the time,” he said. “I think we are focused on guaranteeing that what occurred ought not to be overlooked. It’s correct we keep on offering our regards to the people in question and over the span of this current… Read More »

Nirmohi opposes govt plea on Ayodhya land

By | April 24, 2019

Nirmohi Akhara, which alongside Ram Lalla and Sunni Wakf Board was given 33% of the 2.77-section of land center debate land in Ayodhya by the Allahabad high court, move the Supreme Court in last week restricting the Center’s unexpected move for the return of the surplus 67 sections of land to its unique proprietors. On January 28, the… Read More »