Vasectomy Complete Guide 2021



What is Vasectomy: Vasectomy is a procedure for sterilizing males. It is like birth control. During the vasectomy procedure, males’ vas deferens are cut. Thereby sperm is stopped from being discharged during sexual intercourse. The vas deferens is the tract that carries sperm from testicles to the urethra.

Vasectomy should be considered carefully only when people decide not to have children anymore as its reversal is not feasible. Reversing a vasectomy will not practically work. However, it may work under certain circumstances. Moreover, it is an expensive affair and takes a considerable amount of time.   

The main intention of vasectomy is to have no sperm during mans’ ejaculation. Thereby his ejaculation won’t cause pregnancy. Sperm is produced in males’ testicles and transfer through the vas deferens tract.

One of the best methods of controlling the population is vasectomy.

Vasectomy reversal:

Vasectomy reversal is a procedure to reunite males’ reproductive tracts following vasectomy treatment. The advanced surgeries have maximized the chances of success rates of vasectomy reversal procedures. It is costly to get back to normal and may not guarantee a pre-vasectomy condition.  

Vasectomy procedure:

Vasectomy is done in a physicians’ clinic or medical office. After the vasectomy procedure, you can do your routine work as its procedure is simple and doesn’t require you to take any bed rest. This procedure does not involve any major complicated aspects at all.    

A Surgeon finishes a vasectomy treatment by using several methods. All methods involve majorly sealing vas deferens on both sides. A patient who goes through vasectomy treatment and is afraid of needles and anxious about treatment can be given anesthesia.

Vasectomy in general doesn’t take more than half and an hour to finish as its treatment is quite simple. A patient who has been given a vasectomy can continue his intercourse as usual within a week, perform so without any discomfort.

Cost of Vasectomy treatment:

Every year over 500,000 vasectomies are done in the US alone. The procedure, however, is simple, faster, and more reliable. It costs around $1400 for complete treatment.

Risks of Vasectomy:

Men, before taking this treatment, are counseled to consider the decision to go for vasectomy treatment. Since it affects their parenthood completely and has no chance to reverse it. Thereby men are often advised to think about vasectomy treatment and its repercussions.

A vasectomy is performed to stop males’ fertility. Post-treatment of vasectomy, males’ sperm count comes down to downright zero. A man who has vasectomy treatment has quite a few chances of a pregnant woman.  

It’s reported that following vasectomy treatment sexual desires come down to great extent. Though sperm is produced in testicles, sperm can’t go through the penis as its tract is sealed.  You don’t feel pain while treating as anesthesia is given to you.

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