Vasectomy Reversal Success Rate, Cost & Stories 2021

Vasectomy Reversal
Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy Reversal : Re-joining the male reproductive tracts vas deferens that had been cut in Vasectomy treatment is Vasectomy reversal. Vasectomy reversal is done in two ways vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy. The vasectomy treatment seems to be the end of parenthood. However, with advanced technologies, Vasectomy reversal is viable. This treatment is a costly and demanding task and may not assure pre vasectomy condition.      


A patient must undergo microsurgery. He’s given anesthesia to lessen interruption during surgery. This process doesn’t take more than 3 hours. This treatment is done in one go.

Vasectomy reversal treatment:

Your surgeon will likely carry out certain tasks before the procedure is commenced.

Conducting physical test: your doctor expects you to be healthy otherwise would complicate the treatment.

Identifying healthy sperm: you may undergo further testing if you are found to be producing unhealthy sperm. 

Vasectomy reversal is performed at the clinic or hospital. Sometimes, Robot-assisted surgery is done in a few cases.  You are required to stay away from sexual intercourse for around two to three weeks following treatment. You have to limit activities that cause pain to the surgery location. A few days following treatment, it will be normal and won’t cause pain severely. 

Success rates:

Success rates can be assessed by two methods including pregnancy rate, patency, or sperm moving during ejaculation following vasectomy reversal.  The pregnancy rate is considered to be more reliable than patency to gauge the success of vasectomy reversal. Pregnancy rates would be from around 25% to 90% following vasectomy reversal. It also depends on several factors like patients’ age, time since vasectomy treatment, any fertility issues before vasectomy treatment. All these collectively will determine the success rates of vasectomy reversal.

Sometimes vasectomy reversal may fail due to several reasons. The precise cause of failure of vasectomy reversal cannot be determined during or post-treatment. Therefore, few men choose the second attempt to go for this treatment.

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Effects or risks of vasectomy treatment:

Vasectomy reversal, in general, is a simple and safe process. However, it causes grave complications like swelling, infections at the location of treatment, continuous pain following reversal treatment.

Many men choose vasectomy reversal for a variety of reasons like changing their minds, thinking of getting married again, loss of a child, and pain due to vasectomy treatment. 

Costs of Reversal Vasectomy:

The cost of reversal vasectomy probably is dear. You must enquire about its insurance coverage and costs before you undertake a treatment. 

The outcome:

After treatment, your semen will be verified thoroughly to ascertain whether the treatment is successful or not. Your sperm is examined periodically by your surgeon.

Is it possible to get pregnant after treatment?

It is difficult to get pregnant due to low sperm count.

Vasectomy reversal takes more time than vasectomy. As vasectomy reversal is more complicated than vasectomy and involved in rejoining two ends of vas deferens to each other. It is basically done using microsurgery.  On the basis of fluid in vas deferens, vasectomy reversal is executed. A surgeon must choose any method of vasectomy reversal surgeons like vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy.