Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Free Download For Windows 10

visual basic 2010 express download
visual basic 2010 express download

Visual Basic 2010 Express Download : Visual Basic 2010 is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by Microsoft. It’s a framework used for designing and developing desktop and mobile applications.  The developed application would work for both Android and Mac operating systems.

Though Microsoft has released later versions of Visual Basic, it’s the best option for students to learn programming. It has a graphical user interface that allows you to code by using dragging and dropping elements. Its appearance can be changed with given options.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Download For Windows 10

Microsoft Visual Basic is sometimes referred to as a RAD (Rapid Application Development) system as it is designed to be master and support coding.  There have been several versions of Visual Basic released since 1998. Visual Basic among all is extremely popular.

Programming in Visual Basic is pretty simpler as it has drag-and-drop functionalities for naïve programmers.  However, it has its own setbacks as it doesn’t support other operating systems and is confined to Microsoft. In this post, we suggest you to download and install Visual Basic 2010 on your system.

Make sure that your system is met with below criteria for Visual Basic installation:

Before you download and install Visual Basic 2010, it’s essential to check system requirements. It will help you know whether your PC supports VB or not.

Verify the system if it’s up to date and securities that help your system bugs-free.

Restart. The restart or reboot make sure that any pending installs or updates will not hamper the Visual Studio installation.

Remove unnecessary files to clean up the space.

Download and install Visual Basic 2010:

  • Click on this link visual basic 2010 express  in your browser to download Visual Basic 2010.
  • You can find a file with the name VBExpress.exe. The browser will ask you to either for your confirmation or start download automatically.
  • The download extraction relies on your browser. You can use browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on Windows operating system.
  • It automatically gets downloaded by default in the downloaded location.
  • When you proceed to install the downloaded VBExpress.exe, it asks you to choose the location to install the file.
  • It shows by default the file location where all apps and software were installed.  It takes time to install as it is a large setup file.
  • Your operating system may display warning alerts regarding security issues amid installation from User Account Control. Click “Yes” or “Ok” to finish the remaining installation.
  • Security warning can be ignored and continue the installation as it is a ZIP file that consists of a Microsoft setup program.
  • License Agreement from Microsoft will be displayed amid installation. You can continue by selecting “I have read and accepted the license terms”.
  • Click on the “Next “button to go to the next step. The next step is the selection of optional products you wish to have along with Visual Basic 2010.
  • If you’d like to install components such as Microsoft SQL and Silverlight, you can select both of them.
  • The next step is installation location. You won’t find the installation location when you installed an earlier version of Visual Studio. Therefore, accept the default installation location and click on the “install” button.
  • The next screen is the installation of progress. The installation takes a considerable amount of time. After successful installation, you will get a message saying that Congratulations!
  • You have finished the installation for Visual Basic 2010. Click the “Exit” button to finish. Those who installed Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows can run Visual Basic 2010 Express software from the Windows Start menu.
  • The later versions of windows like Windows 8 users can find “Microsoft Visual Basic” by entering it in the search feature.
  • Sometimes you may be asked to install Service Pack 1. If it’s asked like this, then you can find the click here button with a hyperlink.
  • Click on it to finish the installation. The Click here button will take you to the page where you find Service Pack 1 option.
  • You can ignore it if you don’t like to install Service pack1.

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Major features of Visual Basic 2010 :

Visual Basic has amazing features to work with. Microsoft Visual Basic unlike other programming languages offers a comprehensive development kit to develop front-end and windows applications. It’s integrated with widely used programming languages like C++, MFC, and F# more. Developers find no difficulty in employing tools provided by Visual Basic and it has a user-friendly interface.

  1. Visual Basic has a feature that flags errors when the code is being written and suggests changes wherever required.
  2. It has a well-known feature called IntelliSense which is helpful for beginners, suggests name of variables quickly and precisely and helps fix bugs quickly.
  3. One of the essential features of employing Visual Basic is to develop programs that help you design files from the get-go.
  4. Such files are easier to export and can be used to examine the progress of the application and do changes as and when required.
  5. Apart from designing and developing applications, it lets you create a database.
  6. After successfully installation of Visual Basic 2010, if you have forgotten any components or workloads to install initially, then open Visual Studio, go to Tools> Get Tools and Features which opens Studio installer.
  7. From there you can select workloads or components that you would like to install or you can modify.

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