How would I know when I conceived?


when I conceived : You may be curious to know if you’re pregnant. It’s utterly unsure unless and until you take home a pregnancy test, or check your blood samples, or use ultrasound to declare your pregnancy. However, there are certain signs and symptoms you would witness if you are about to become pregnant in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

How would I know when I conceived ? Periods Period

Below is the list of changes that one would go through during their pregnancy.

Missed period: following two weeks of conception, the first sign of pregnancy is the missing period.

Tender breasts: The first part of the body to get a signal when sperm reaches the egg is the breasts. Women sense their breasts become sore, tingle, heavier than usual, warm to touch within days of conception. These changes would be witnessed following your missed period.

Fatigue: you feel sleepy and slow for the first four months of pregnancy due to higher levels of pregnancy.

Sensitive to smell: Pregnant women may lose a sense of smell due to high levels of estrogen.    

Bloating: It is one of the signs a pregnant woman would find in themselves.  The induced progesterone causes digestive issues, constipation, and trap gas inside the intestines. Owing to hormonal changes, these changes would be witnessed after two weeks of conception.

Frequency of Urine: it would be an early sign of pregnancy if you pee frequently. The increased progesterone levels cause the frequency of urine during pregnancy. This happens after two weeks of conception. 

Cervical mucus: you may undergo a change in vaginal discharge in pregnancy. Following conception, you may release white, sticky, or yellow mucus.

Light spotting: Around 10 to 14 days of conception, you may find light spotting or bleeding.    

If you had ART conception, you need to wait for two weeks following the transfer of the embryo to know pregnancy. 

There are certain PMS signs similar to conception signs. Women mostly get confused with PMS changes over conception changes. You have to wait for at least two weeks after having sex to ascertain the pregnancy. I Hope you now get a idea about When eould you conceived.

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