Steps to Make Lyrics Video in Kinemaster

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Steps to Make Lyrics Video in Kinemaster:

  • First of all, you need to have song lyrics so go to the Google browser and search for the song lyrics.
  • Once you get the Lyrics text then open the Kinemaster application.
  • Now click the plus icon and add your video song with audio.
  • After you choose the video song just select the video and you will see more editing options such as crop, Clip graphics, Color Filter, Color adjustment, and so on.
  • Edit the video as you want. Once the editing is done click on the “layers” option and from that choose the “Text” option.
  • Now you can see the Text input box there you need to paste the song lyrics text.
  • After that click the okay button and now you can see the text image over the video. If you choose the text option you can see the text editing options.
  • Use text editing tools for choosing the correct font, color, and so on. Now play the song and adjust the lyrics according to the audio timing.
  • Now repeat the same steps to add many lyrics lines to the video.
  • Once you finish the Lyrics video song just play and check the sync of the lines with lyrics text. If every this is perfect then click on the share option and export the video in high quality.
  • That’s it now you can make lyrics video in Kinemaster easily with the help of the above guide.

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