Renew Your Kuwait Civil Id Now – Step By Step Process Given

how to renew my civil id in kuwait online
how to renew my civil id in kuwait online

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal 2023 : Civil ID is a Civil Card or an Identity Card available for the citizens and residents of Kuwait. There are set of guidelines for registration of Civil ID, You have to visit the headquarter of Zahara. They will guide you with the registration process and guidelines of the Civil ID.

After you register with the Civil ID, You have to check the status for that also there are some set of methods to check whether you have been issued a civil ID or not. But there is an expiry date for Civil ID. If you don’t renew it on time. You may be behind the bars. So this is how you renew your Civil ID in Kuwait.

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal Step By Step Process 2023

  1. First visit the official online portal of the Kuwait State.
  2. After that in a separate page click on citizens and residents from the menu given.
  3. In the citizens and residents option, Go to the family and individuals tab.
  4. After selecting that click on view all.
  5. You need to select the service to inquire about the position of the civil card.
  6. Write the civil card number in the designated field.
  7. Click on the query icon to obtain the required data.

Kuwait Civil Id renewal Status Toll Free Number

There is also another method involved here. You can do enquiry by phone as well. Kuwait civil id status enquiry number is 1889988 from your mobile and follow the instructions given by a computer voice system.

Be patient, and wait until reaching the civil id renewal Kuwait service. Then enter your details through the keypad and know your details.

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal Payment Online

For the renewal of the Civil Id, You need to pay fees. You need to follow the following steps.

  1. First Go to the civil Information authority website .
  2. Then click on online services, Then choose pay fees. It will ask the details of your Civil Number.
  3. Just enter the civil number and wait for the details to be displayed.
  4. Click on the fee civil id renewal Kuwait icon and the payment process is done online.
  5. You can also view payment information to find out the civil card fees.

Kuwait Civil Id Payment Online Procedure

But before all this you need to make reservation for Civil Id renewal. For that also you need to follow some set of guidelines.

  1. First Go to the civil information authority website .
  2. Then click on Book Appointment from the top control panel. Then the page will be redirected to another one where you have to click on the option to start the service.
  3. But read all the instructions carefully. After reading every instruction carefully click to book a new appointment from the window.
  4. In that just write down the civil number and enter the registered mobile number.
  5. Select the appropriate branch for the card holder, Select the card delivery office, then specify the required transaction details.
  6. Just follow the instructions carefully after completing the card appointment.
  7. A Barcode will be generated for you, Keep the barcode safely with you because you might need to show it whenever it is needed.

Kuwait Civil Id Renewal For Non-Kuwaiti

This is all for the Kuwait’s local people, But what about non-kuwaiti’s. There is also a process for that.

  1. First go to the electronic envelope system directly.
  2. Then select the renewal service for Kuwaiti or non-kuwaiti from the list of services.
  3. Write down the civil number and the serial number of the card holder.
  4. Then click on the continue button, and enter the registered mobile number.
  5. You will get an verification code that was sent via SMS, then click on the verify button.
  6. Just Enter the required information and upload the files, then click on submit the application.
  7. Print the request to retain information and obtain it when needed.

So this is all the process of Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Process in 2021 . It is an important process, and do it quickly. If the Police catches you without the Civil Id and even if the card is expired. You will be behind the bars.

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