How To Reinstall Windows 10 From USB

how to reinstall windows 10 from usb without losing data

Reinstall Windows 10 from USB : Before reinstalling Windows 10, you have to ensure that the System is ready to reinstall.  With CDs and DVD disks becoming outdated, the latest computers and laptops no longer come with drives to read and write disks. Today every laptop and computer has a USB port that can be used to connect to external devices.

Before installation, make sure you’ve backed all your files and data.

How To Reinstall Windows 10 From USB Without Losing Data

  • Insert the USB device into your computer or laptops’ USB port and turn on the computer. You’ll be asked to press any key while the computer is getting turned on to boot from USB.
  • Select language, time zone, currency format, and Keyboard or input method or type. Once you’re done with these customized settings, click the Next button. You can make these changes in the future again if you have made any mistakes while setting these changes.
  • After clicking the Next button, Click Install Now button to start the installation.
  • You can choose your installation type either Upgrade which will keep your current files, settings, and apps, or installation by selecting Custom. In this article, we select a custom to do a fresh Windows installation.
  • Bear in mind that once you have installed Windows 10 on the default drive, then you can’t back up the software and data in a folder. You’re therefore suggested to back up the whole data before Windows installation.
  • You are required to do a partition on your hard drive for storing system files like Windows, drivers, and supporting files.  As a computer’s hard drive is a physical storage device, partitions divide storage space into separate parts.
  • It asks you to choose the partition drive to install Windows 10. It displays options like Format once you select a drive to install Windows.  Select the Format option to use the existing partitions. The Format option helps you clear the data in the drive while the Delete option deletes whole data and creates new ones from the beginning.
  • If you’d like to delete the existing partitions, choose each one and click the Delete button, then OK.
  • When you delete all the existing partitions, your hard drive’s space will be empty and you’re required to create new partitions. You can see Drive options (advanced) after clearing the hard drives’ data.
  • Select New and set the size for the new partition, click the Next button.
  • Now create a new partition for Windows for storing files. Click the OK button to continue. To create more partitions, repeat this process to have as many partitions as you want.
  • Once you have created partitions, format each one except the one that you wish to install Windows system files.
  • Select the partition where you’d like to install Windows and click the Next button. The Windows 10 installation begins. Computer rebooting takes place during this process.
  • Your computer will restart automatically once the installation is finished. You will see the Settings window suggested by Microsoft once your computer restarts. You can select either Use express settings or Customize options.
  • After selecting the Use Express Settings option, you’re required to sign in with an email or phone number and password to your Microsoft account to access the features of Windows 10.  You can select the option Skip this step and follow the suggested instructions to create a user account.

I hope you got complete guidance to Reinstall Windows 10 From USB with step by step. if you have any doubts, please comment below to resolve your query. Thanks for reading.

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