How To Book TTD rs 300 Ticket Online On Mobile 2021

how to book ttd 300 rs ticket online
how to book ttd 300 rs ticket online 2021

TTD 300 rs Ticket Online 2021 : Tirumala is one of the holiest places in the whole country. Daily some lakhs of people visit this temple. But now because of the pandemic, the situation has just disturbed a lot. So today we are going to show you on How to book Online 300 Rs Ticket in Tirumala. So let’s get into the details.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Online Tickets ( TTD ) 2021

TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) is an Official Online Platform which provides transparency by serving pilgrims, donors, sevaks, and real time Temple Information in class digital technologies.

TTD is an digital platform which offers Seva, Darshan, Accommodation, Donations, Privileges, Kalayanamandapam, Cottage Donor Privileges. In simple terms, TTD provides access to all Temple Services to everyone efficiently.

The Registration is done by an valid email ID for booking the services. The Registration is done by an OTP SMS Verification which will be sent to the email address or to the registered mobile number for verification and activating the account. You will find all the details in

How many types of darshans are there in Tirumala ?

As we all know Tirumala is a big place and there is a huge crowd every day. But most of them don’t know about the procedures and types of Darshan’s available at the place.

So before you go to some broker and get fooled, It is highly recommended to plan your Darshan. So here are the types of darshan’s available in Tirumala.

Darshan Type


Time Taken

SarvadarshanamFree10-20 hours
Special Entry DarshanRs 300/- per person3-8 hours
Divya DarshanFree2-3 hours
Infant DarshanFree2-3 hours
Arjitha SevasVaries from the Seva you choose to do3-6 hours
VIP break darshanThis all varies based on the public1-2hours

ttd 300 rs ticket online Chart

Special Entry Darshan for ttd 300 rs ticket online September 2021 Slot and Timings

Now the pilgrims can book the timing slots online. For 28 days you can book various slot are available from 10AM to 5PM.

For 14 days in advance you can book 1pm to 4pm slots are available.

For 1 day in advanced you can book only 4 to 5pm slots are available.

Total SlotsDays in AdvancedAvailable Tickets
10am to 11am281250
11am to 12pm281250
12pm to 1pm281250
1pm to 2pm281250
2pm to 3pm142000
3pm to 4pm142000
4pm to 5pm11000

ttd 300 rs ticket online timings

How to book Tirupati Darshan Tickets Rs 300/- Online for September 2021 ?

how to book ttd 300 rs ticket online
How to book ttd 300 rs ticket online : Slots Availability

Here is the main and the trickiest part of the work, if you are willing to go to Tirumala and now there is Covid-19 Pandemic around so you have to book the tickets in advanced so that you will have safety darshan while visiting the pilgrimage.

You can visit an TTD office and register from there, We will discuss about that later. First we will see how to book ttd 300 rs ticket online september 2021.

  1. Visit the official portal of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam that is
  2. Once you get into the page, You will see every detail about the Tirumala. On the side panel, You will see Special Entry Darshan(Rs 300). Click On It.
  3. Just when you open it, You will see the Accommodation availability. The Red Boxes means the Quota Is Full, Blue Boxes means Quota Not Released, Green Boxes means Available. Before you book your ticket, You need to have an registered Email ID and Password.
  4. If you haven’t registered, You can make the account quite easily.
  5. After clicking on the Green Box, You will see Room Availability which can range from Rs 100 to 1500. Choose a Room as per your budget. Then you will be redirected to the payment process.
  6. At the very end, Pay the amount through Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card.
  7. Finally, you will get your slot and ttd 300 rs ticket online booked.

How to book TTD Laddu Online 2021?

Tirupati Balaji Temple is famous for the Lord and for the prasadam which is Laddu. Now as the Covid-19 Pandemic rules are there, The pilgrim following strict rules. TTD prepares the Laddu Prasadam in the temple kitchen.

If devotees want laddu they can apply for extra laddus online through the TTD Online Portal. They have to pay Rs 50 per laddu and they will get a maximum of 2 extra laddus per ticket.

How to Login into TTD Website ?

First we will go through right from the registration process. So follow the below steps, if you haven’t registered yet with the TTD.

  1. First Visit the Official website of TTD and select the Sign Up Button.
  2. In the Sign Up details, Fill Name, Address proof details, residing town and enter your Pincode Number.
  3. Enter you Email ID and give an password to it. Click on Submit and the Account will be created on your name.
  4. After that, Go back to the Login page and Login with your Credentials and check the slots available for the darshan.

TTD VIP Darshan Details 2021

In Tirumala, There is an provision which is VIP Break Darshan. It helps the devotees to have Darshan without any difficulties. They can go freely and have the darshan within 2 hours. The VIP Darshan is categorized into 3 levels which is called L1, L2, and L3.

People like Judges, Higher Cadre Officials in Government Organization, Highly Influenced Political groups fall under the L1 Group.

For L1 Darshan, There will be Harathi, Theertham, and Line Movement will be little slow. So they are allowed to stay in front of the Idol for sometime. There will be no difficulties in the line and the approximate time is 45mins-50mins.

TTD Employees and Family members and other officials fall under the category of L2 Group. For L2 Group, Harathi is available and the line will be really smooth. There will be no difficulties, L2 line will take approximately 30-45mins for Darshan.

People with Recommendation Letters fall under the category of L3 Darshan. For this Darshan. The Line will be little crowded and the Darshan will be quick.

The L3 Darshan, The Recommendation Letter should be provided at J.E.O camp office, they should provide their fingerprints, mobile number and Photocopy of ID Proof. Remember you have to go before 12PM, the Letters will be received and processed. If your recommendation letter is considered then SMS will be delivered to your mobile number on the same day evening.

After getting the SMS, the Pilgrim should display SMS and Photo ID Proof at MBC 34. The Tickets will be issued through Bio-Metric System and they are non-transferable. There is no cancellation, postponement of darshan timings.

The Darshan Dress Code is must and for Males it is White pancha, Dhoti/ White Kurta, Pyjama.

For Females it is Saree with Blouese/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta/ Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half Saree with Langa Voni.

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1)How Can I Book 300 Rs Ticket in Tirumala Offline?

Yes there is an option of booking the 300 Rs Ticket Offline. You have to visit to nearby TTD Devasthanam office and book the ticket there. But now, As the Covid-19 Pandemic is going on, So there will be some rules around this place. In fact, TTD wants everyone who are visiting the pilgrimage to book tickets online itself.

2)At what time TTD Online Booking Opens?

Currently the Timings of TTD Online bookings for Special Entry Darshan is from 9AM in the morning to 5PM in the evening.

3)Can we cancel 300 Rs Ticket in Tirumala?

Yes there is an option available for cancelling all the Arjita Seva Tickets and the tickets which are booked in advanced. You can do it online, By visiting the official page of TTD.

4)How much time it will take for 300 Rs Darshan in Tirupati?

For 300 Rs Darshan, It will take approximately 6-8hours. At the entry of the temple, Every line will be combined into one. So that is why it takes this much time. If you are visiting on a festival time or at Brahmotsavam time then it can take upto 8-12 hours for Darshan.

5)Can We Visit Tirumala Without Booking?

Before Covid-19 Pandemic, There was an option of visiting the Tirumala without any booking. The visitors can join in the free line and visit the temple. Now as there are Covid-19 rules included in the Temple. So it is quite important that you book your slot and rooms before you visit the temple.

So this is all about How to book Online 300 Rs Ticket in Tirumala. We will get back to you with more updates.

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